We offer three main packages as well as a bespoke offering depending on your business need. Please feel free to contact us to hear a more detailed breakdown of what each of these packages entails and how we can best tailor our delivery to your particular context.


Accelerate your way out of lockdown. Almost everyone has been impacted in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ways of working have had to become more agile than ever before. As we approach a new normal and employees return to work, reignite your culture and values with our 'Welcome Back' package. Set the right tone and hit the ground running.
Effective leadership has always been important but is especially important in a climate of uncertainty. Our panel has extensive experience in leading others, leading themselves, as well as being led by some of the greatest coaches in the history of sport. This has highlighted key ingredients for lasting and impactful leadership as well as leadership development.
Overcoming adversity is a common theme in any story of sporting success. Having to overcome hurdles leads to learning, growth and development. Hear from our panel who have had to overcome what can only be described as extreme adversity. Resilience will be a key component of any organisation's successful navigation of the current global challenge we all face.
Every team is unique and will have its own particular nuances. Contact us to guide us in developing a bespoke offering which is precisely tailored to fit your organisation's specific requirements.

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