Our people

Our world-class team

Rachel Findler
Rachel is the brains behind The Athlete Mindset and the reason this group has come together. She is an Extreme Skiing Medalist and entrepreneur having recently founded her own business UThrive. Her experiences have made her an expert in decision making and managing risk in the most uncertain and hostile of environments.
Dean Cooper
Dean has over 25 years experience in top tier business consulting, founding two innovative and purposeful companies while also being an expert in sales, business transformation, negotiation and leadership in high performing teams, differnetiating through value rather than price. Through his extensive expertise Dean links and translates The Athlete Mindset to the world of business.
Stewart Innes
Stewart is a GB Rowing Team Olympian and World Medalist. However perhaps his greatest achievement is working through three years of solitary rehabilitation following a serious injury with long odds of ever making a full recovery. Stewart has been through setback after setback but has always pulled through, making him an expert in resilience and high performance.
Mike Shaw
Mike's story is truly incredible. Professional competitive skier turned Olympic level coach, he was paralysed from the neck down in a skiing accident. Mike's attitude and methodology in the face of unimaginable adversity lead to a complete turnaround to his projected outcomes, making him an expert in resilience and much more.
Tom Williams
Tom has one of the most unique stories out there. A former Rugby Union player for Harlequins, he was caught up in 2009's infamous 'Bloodgate' scandal. In what could be described as a sporting version of the Milgram Experiment, Tom emerged with pertinent insights into when a 'win at all costs' environment and mentality can go too far.
Henry Fieldman
Henry is the current men's coxswain for the GB Rowing Team while also taking time to coach coxswains through his business CoxingConsultancy. His role has given him a unique perspective on team dynamics and how leadership can influence team culture. His is a two time World Champion and currently training in the Men's Eight boat for the now 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games.